Our Approach

We focus over how we can bring education and health for children.

Mission and Vision

We’ll try to give quality education on basic cost, which can match for people who are living in our town.

Our Values

We’ve alwasys realistic plans to achieve them. We understand how to bring education in kids and how we can make them star.


Sophia Convent believes in developing the community with values. We always seek to grow, learn, and evolve.

Admission Process

Admission Instructions are below

  • Entrance examination will be conducted for admission
  • Counselling for students and parents
  • Normally admission is given only in nursery. Those seeking admission in Nursery should be within in the age of three on 1st April in the year in which admission is sought
  • Admission fee is non refundable


  • Regularity in attendance
  • Academic performance
  • Merit will be the sole criterion for admission
  • Admission fee is non refundable