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Sophia Convent – School for education
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Sophia Convent Gadarwara

This is the 2nd home for students, They feels this a place where they learned and educated.

Why Sophia Convent

We are in the middle of city, so no need to travel in kilometers for study and fun! Just take your bags and moved quickly for best education in civilized manner. We are not only good location we are good in teaching too, understand the kids and students, what they are looking for, We are teaching in different manner.


Our academic excellence since 2000!

Sophia Convent means knowledge and convent means Gurukul which makes “GURUKUL OF KNOWLEDGE” in hindi “JNANA KA MANDIR” a commitment for the basic education of kids and their social development too. It is situated in the centre point of GADARWARA district NARSINGPUR, area name PALOTAN GANJ,JAMADA road.

Outstanding Features

Emphasis has been made on practical education by organizing & celebrating various activities, and festival days and education visits,Different games and child psychology, food habits and health awareness activities.

Quality Education

Learn, Understand and Implement

Sophia Convent is dedicated for quality education with healthy environment. We empathize on over all development of students.

We believes to build the society with ethics, We have mantra to teach the future of country, Learn,Understand and Implement. Practical education is very important for present era, its not only necessary, its a demand of future.

Are you looking forward for best education in town?

Contact Us